CH#236 - United States Post Office and Courthouse



United States Post Office and Courthouse
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania






The Challenge:

To lock down and abate the peeling and flaking Lead-Based Paint on the Structural steel framework with a minimum of surface disturbance.




Benefits Desired:

  •     Green and Environment Friendly
  •     Lock Down Lead-Based Paint
  •     Little to No Surface Preparation
  •     No Hazardous Waste Generation
  •     Cost Effective
  •     Long Lasting Solution
  •     20 Year Warranty
  •     Minimum Downtime





GLOBAL Encasement System was designed using PrepLESS Primer  to lock down, stabilize and reattach all loose and flaking Lead-Based Paint without generating any hazardous waste. LeadLock Top Coat Custom Tinted was then applied to complete this Lead Encasement System.