CH#176 - United States Air Force, Eglin Air Force Base, Climatic Control Building



United States Air Force
Eglin Air Force Base, Climatic Control Building






The Challenge:

There was Peeling and Flaking Lead-Based Paint on the Walls of this Climatic Control Building at the Air Force Base. Not Only Did the Coatings System Need to Protect from Lead-Based Paint but Also Needed to Stand Up to the Rigors of Freezing and Thawing Temperatures as that is what the Facility Tests for.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Little to No Surface Preparation
  • Lock Down Lead-Based Paint
  • Durable, Withstand Extreme Temperatures
  • Impact and Abuse Resistant
  • Cost Effective
  • Long Lasting Solution



The Lead-Based Paint was First Stabilized Using PrepLESS Primer with its Tremendous Adhesive Qualities Reattaching the Loose, Flaking Paint to the Wall. Then LeadLock TopCoat was Applied Giving this LeadLock System a Durable Weather Resistant Finish Coat.







Environmental Attributes