CH#164 - Fort Ord Roller Hockey Arena

No Lead Paint Waste Generation


No Lead Paint Waste Generation

Fort Ord Roller Hockey Arena
Former Fort Ord-Marina, CA USA


The Challenge:

Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) and the Industrial Hygienists Concerned Gave the Directive to the Contractor for this job: Not One Single Chip of Lead-Based Paint Waste Was to Be Generated on this Project. Any Flakes that Became Dislodged During Application Were Put into a Bucket of Prep-LESS Primer™, Re-Applied to the Surface.


Benefits Desired:

  • No Generation of Lead-Based Paint Waste
  • Long Term Solution
  • Little to No Surface Preparation
  • Waterproof, Durable, Breathable
  • Available in Custom Colors
  • Cost Effective



Using PrepLESS Primer No Lead-Based Paint Waste Was Generated. All Chips Embedded into the Encasement Coatings Were Managed In-Place with LeadLock TopCoat. These Abuse-Resistant Coatings Can Be Custom Tinted to Most Colors and Add Beauty to this Durable Structure.