CH#119 - 819 Valmont St.



819 Valmont St.
New Orleans, LA





Before                                                                                                              After 


The Challenge:

This Historic Building, Over One Hundred Years Old, is Typical of the Homes Throughout the New Orleans Community. Father Time had Taken it’s Toll on this Structure, the Lead Based Paint (LBP) No Longer Able to Protect its Exterior. The Young Family Living Here had Particular Concern About the Flaking LBP and Dust Having Adverse Health Affects for their Infant Child.


Benefits Desired:

  •     Little to No Surface Preparation
  •     No Hazardous Waste Generation
  •     High Impact- and Abuse-Resistance
  •     Class A Fire Rated
  •     Waterproof Exterior



A GLOBAL Encasement System was able to Bring the Charm Back to this Historic Dwelling. The PrepLESS Primer Locked Down All Loose, Flaking LBP Chips and Dust. LeadLockTopCoat Completed the Long Lasting Encasement System. All Benefits were Met or Exceeded.