CH#117 - Managing Lead-Based Paint In-Place

Managing Lead-Based Paint In-Place


Managing Lead-Based Paint In-Place

Department of Energy, Westinghouse Savannah River Site
Interior Stairwells, Bldg. # 703-A


Delaminating Lead-Based Paint

The Challenge:

The Stairwells were Covered with Delaminating Lead-Based Paint (LBP). The D.O.E. Sought a Fully Tested Product to Manage the LBP In-Place, as the Costs of Removal and Disposal were Prohibitive.

Benefits Desired:

  •     High Impact- and Abuse-Resistance
  •     No Hazardous Waste Generation
  •     Minimum Building Downtime
  •     Fully Tested
  •     Cost Effective
  •     Long Lasting Solution



A GLOBAL Encasement System Met or Exceeded All Desired Benefits. PrepLESS Primer Easily Locked Down the Loose, Flaking Lead-Based Paint followed with LeadLock TopCoatGiving the Stairwells a Durable, Impact Resistant Surface, that Will Effectively Manage the LBP In-Place for the Next 20 Years.

Environmental Attributes