CH#108 - The Peralta House



The Peralta House
Oakland, CA





The Peralta House prior to restoration. Photo:


The Challenge:

The Peralta Hacienda Historical Park is one of the most significant historical sites in the East Bay. It was the first European settlement after the establishment of Mission San Jose and as such is the birthplace of Oakland. A focal point of the park is the 1870 Italianate Victorian farmhouse known as the Peralta House. A city and state landmark, the house is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

The City of Oakland was seeking a cost effective way to stabilize and abate the Lead-Based Paint as removal proved too costly.


Benefits Desired:

  •     High Impact- and Abuse-Resistance
  •     Fast Drying
  •     Minimum Building Downtime
  •     No Paint Preparation Required



A GLOBAL Encasement System was designed using PrepLESS Primer to lock down any loose, flaking paint, bridge cracks and seal the building. LeadLock Top Coat was then applied to prevent lead leachate and to give the structure a durable, highly impact and abuse resistant finish, warranted to provide lasting protection against lead and the environment for years.