CH#098 - Philadelphia Navy Yard (Interior walls and trim)

Lead-Based Paint Long-term Solution


Lead-Based Paint Long-Term Solution
Philadelphia, PA USA



The Challenge:

Lead-Based Painted (LBP) surfaces in administrative offices needed refurbishing. These offices manage a wide range of services for this vast facility and could only be out of service for a short period of time. A long-term solution was needed that would create a safe working environment in the shortest period of time.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire-Rated
  • Little to no surface preparation and minimum downtime
  • Lock down Lead-Based Paint with little to no generation of hazardous waste
  • Cost effective and long-lasting and expedient application
  • Navy Public Works to be the applicators



A GLOBAL Encasement System was designed to effectively address the deteriorating Lead-Based Paint. First the flaking, unstable surface was locked down, with no preparation, with PrepLESS Primer and then followed with LeadLock TopCoat.

Since GLOBAL Encasement's management-in-place system is as easy to apply as paint, Navy Public Works performed all the work and the staff was able to return to work as quickly as if this had been a standard painting job.