CH#094 - Blue Diamond Growers



Blue Diamond Growers
Sacramento, CA



Lead-Based Paint on metal surfaces and trusses



The Challenge:

Lead-Based Paint on the interior wood, brick and metal surfaces of the walls, ceilings and trusses were flaking, peeling and chalking. As this is a food warehouse with sensitive packing equipment, facilities managers needed the best solution with the least disturbance to the paint.



Flaking, Peeling and Chalking Lead-Based Paint    Flaking Lead Based Paint After Application of LeadLock

Before                                                                                                  After


Benefits Desired:

  • Minimum of Surface Disturbance
  • Minimum Downtime
  • Cost Effective



The long-lasting Class A Fire-Rated GLOBAL Encasement System that was designed included PrepLESS Primer™  to lock down the loose Lead-Based Paint followed by LeadLock TopCoat for a long-lasting durable finish.