CH#075 - Fort Ord, U.S. Government Army Corp. of Engineers

Abate Exterior Lead-Based Paint


Abate Exterior Lead-Based Paint 
Marina, CA USA


The Challenge:

To abate the Lead-Based Paint on the exterior with a minimum of surface disturbance and hazardous material generation.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Minimum surface preparation
  • Little to no hazardous waste
  • Waterproof exterior walls
  • Cost effective and long-lasting
  • Custom-tinted TopCoat



An Award Winning GLOBAL Encasement System was chosen that met and exceeded all the requirements. PrepLESS Primer locked down any loose, peeling and flaking paint, and LeadLock TopCoat gave the surfaces a durable, weather proof finish. The TopCoat was tinted to the desired color enabling the client to eliminate the use of conventional paint, resulting in tremendous savings.