CH#063 - U.S. Army Park Avenue Armory



U.S. Army Park Avenue Armory
New York City, NY





The Challenge:

Abate, by way of management in-place, the Lead-Based Paint on interior brick and stone walls within the tunnel of the building and on the interior plaster walls of the kitchen area.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Seal, waterproof and protect the surfaces without trapping moisture
  • Bridge cracks
  • Not detract from ornamentation and detail
  • No noticeable odor or VOCs
  • Easy to apply    



GLOBAL Encasement's award-winning products met and exceeded the desired benefits. A LeadLock Encasement System was designed that included PrepLESS Primer and LeadLock TopCoat.
The 20-year warranted system offers long-lasting protection for both maintenance personnel and office workers.