CH#204 - Exterior Waterproofing and Fire Escapes



Exterior Waterproofing and Fire Escapes
Historic 608 Bush Street, San Francisco




The Challenge:

This distinctive and historic 19th century 7-story building once was home to the revered author Robert Louis Stevenson from December 1879 to March 1880. His admirers in cooperation with The California Historical Society confirm that there he wrote essays, poems, autobiography and fiction.

The landmark building’s metal fire escapes and decorative eaves were rusting and contained Lead-Based Paint, and the exterior masonry and trim were in need of waterproofing.


Benefits Desired:

  •     Little to No Surface Preparation
  •     Prevent Lead Hazard Liabilities
  •     Seal and Waterproof the Substrate
  •     Cost Effective
  •     Long-Lasting Solution


This photo shows the GLOBAL Encasement System in action. The eaves receive a coat of R.I.P.™; walls and trim with PrepLESS Primer, and the first coat of LeadLock™ is applied on masonry walls and trim.


Detail: Condition of eaves and walls.



A GLOBAL Encasement LeadLock System was designed to protect the building’s decorative metal eaves, fire escapes, masonry walls and trim. The metal surfaces on the eaves and fire escapes were treated with salmon colored R.I.P.™ Rust-Inhibiting Primer to halt further corrosion, and the masonry and trim received a coat of PrepLESS Primer to seal and bridge seams and cracks. All surfaces received two coats of LeadLock TopCoat for long-lasting waterproof protection against the elements.