CH#102 - Washington Navy Yard, The Navy Museum – Bldg #76

Global Encasement System


Global Encasement System
Washington, D.C. USA




The Challenge:

A museum containing millions of dollars in navy artifacts is housed in part of Building 76. The interior structural steel trusses and surfaces contained flaking and peeling Lead-Based Paint that was both unattractive and a maintenance hassle. In addition, the Navy treasures, that include undersea equipment, submarine and planes, could not easily be moved to allow for renovation.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Address rust and corrosion
  • Little to no surface preparation
  • Little to no generation of hazardous waste



The use of GLOBAL Encasement’s products allowed the project to be completed in less time with less surface preparation and labor, less mess, no generation of hazardous waste and no need for relocation of museum contents. Navy Public Works personnel merely covered the valuable museum contents rather than having to move them. The applicators then addressed rust and corrosion with R.I.P.™ Rust-Inhibiting Primer, locked down the peeling, flaking Lead-Based Paint with PrepLESS Primer, and then completed the system with LeadLock  TopCoat.