CH#002 - Deteriorating Lead-Based Paint Restored

Deteriorating Lead-Based Paint Restored


Deteriorating Lead-Based Paint Restored
New York, NY USA


Charles Broadway Historical Rouss Building

Rouss Building, Designed by Architect Alfred Zucker, Built in 1889 by Charles Broadway Rouss
New York City Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places - Soho Cast Iron District


The Challenge:

The decorative cast iron fascia was deteriorating and the Lead-Based Paint was highly weathered and damaged. Any restoration work had to meet the approval of the New York City Landmarks Commission and be reviewed by the State Historical Preservation Office.
Any products used had to have NYC Buildings Dept. MEA Acceptance, conform with NYS Uniform Building Code #1120-5, had to be an approved encapsulant with NYS Department of Public Health and have passed ASTM E-1795 testing which includes exterior weatherization performance.


Benefits Desired:

  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings
  • Environmentally sound
  • Long-Lasting
  • Minimum Surface prep
  • No hazardous waste
  • Tenacious Adhesion
  • Waterproofing qualities
  • Not obscure architectural details
  • Match Four Historic Colors



A GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. System was designed to meet all the needs of the client and the requirements of the New York City Landmarks Commission.
The three part system included R.I.P.Rust-Inhibiting Primer to address any rust and corrosion associated with the cast iron areas.  The second step called for a coat of PrepLESS Primer to re-intact all loose materials.  The final step was the application of the durable waterproofing LeadLock TopCoat, custom tinted four historic colors.  
The long-lasting LeadLock encasement system saved time, money and reduced lead dust exposure concerns because the leaded paint was not disturbed during the process.
All of the products were easy to use and the job was completed in a timely, safe and environmentally responsible manner. The client saved 80% over the cost of removal and repainting.
The installation of exterior flood lighting now makes this a spectacular and highly visible historic landmark at night.


Contractor:   P&H Supply Co. / Howard L. Strauss