CH#153 - 75 Year Old Tudor Residence


75 Year Old Tudor Residence
Summit, NJ






Before                                                                                   After


The Challenge:

Mold and mildew covered the porch trim, ceilings and door of this house. The owner feared she would have to prime and repaint these areas as they looked to be in such terrible shape.


Benefits Desired:

  • Cost effective
  • Non-toxic
  • EPA Registered
  • USDA Approved
  • NSF Listed
  • Biodegradable



PremeClean Industrial Cleaner was used to knock down all mold, mildew and gross gilth. After the surface had been rinsed and dried totally, MOLDon’t™ was applied and allowed to dry. By the time the MOLDon’t™ had dried the mold and mildew were completely gone. The owner commented, “Wow, from a door that I was afraid to touch to one that doesn't even need painting.”
Notes: 75 year old house.





Environmental Attributes