CH#136 - Federal office Building


Federal office Building
90 Church Street, Manhattan, NY






The Challenge:

90 Church Street is a Federally Owned Building Located Right Next to the World Trade Center Site. U.S. Government Industrial Hygienists were Shocked to Find that Even After Extensive Cleaning of the Building's Air Intake Vents, Laboratory Testing Confirmed there was Still Lead and a Number of Other Heavy Metals Present on these Metal Surfaces. The Cost of Removing and Replacing All of the Intake Vents in the Building Would Be Astronomical.


Benefits Desired:

  • Green, Environmentally Advanced Coatings
  • Cost Effective
  • Long Lasting Solution
  • Little to no surface preparation



The U.S. Government, a Long Time Advocate of In-Place Management of Hazardous Materials, Looked For a Cost Effective Solution and GLOBAL Encasement’s Clear Coat was chosen. After the Coatings were Applied, Hygienists Took Wipe Tests and Sent Them to a Government Lab for Testing. To Everyone’s Relief, Lab Results Showed that No Traces of Any Heavy Metals Remained on the Surfaces.



Notes: Contractor: Alternative Maintenance, Troy Dufek







Environmental Attributes