CH#039 - CottonMill Apartments



CottonMill Apartments
New Orleans, LA





The Challenge:

In 1882, this building in the Warehouse District housed the busy Maginnis CottonMill. In 1997, HRI Management converted the building to luxury apartments and penthouses. The red brick interior walls had weathered and faded paint that was attractive to the historic preservationists and their potential tenants. They needed a way to protect tenants from the old surfaces without hiding its aged beauty.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Long term solution and cost effective
  • Little to no surface preparation
  • Waterproof, durable, breathable
  • Preserve the look of weathered red brick



A GLOBAL Encasement System was designed to manage-in-place the old Lead-Based Painted brick surfaces. The System design simply included PrepLESS Primer to lock down loose, flaking paint, dirt and dust, followed with Clear Coat.