CH#198 - Elementary School



Elementary School



The Challenge:

This elementary school gym had problems with moisture seeping through the concrete blocks causing the paint to peel away from the walls. A waterproof coating was needed to stop the moisture problems yet had to have water vapor transmission to allow water already trapped in the walls to escape without ruining the new coating that was applied.


Benefits Desired:

  •     Waterproof, Durable, Breathable
  •     Class A Fire Rated
  •     Allow for water vapor transmission
  •     Non-Toxic, Low VOC’s
  •     Custom Tinting
  •     Cost Effective Long Term Solution



SafeGuard prepped the walls then reattached any loose flaking paint with GLOBAL Encasement’s PrepLESS Primer. Your Last Coat was custom tinted then applied to create a waterproof encasement system. The buildings exterior brickwork was treated with Clear Coat to stop the water from seeping through. This system is warranted to last 20 years.





Environmental Attributes