CH#015 - Fire Escapes



Fire Escapes
Riverside Drive, Manhattan






The Challenge:

Deteriorating Lead-Based Paint on the fire escapes of this seven-story, 70 apartment cooperative was creating a hazard. The co-op’s owners were seeking to protect their real estate investment and the building’s approximately 150 occupants.


Benefits Desired:

  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings
  • Protection from Costly Liability for Lead Poisoning.
  • Halt Corrosion, Seal and Waterproof the Surfaces.
  • Little to No Surface Preparation and Minimum Downtime.
  • Cost Effective and a Long-Term Warranty.
  • No Offensive or Harmful Odors.
  • Lead Safe and in Compliance with December 1996, U.S. Title X Real Estate Disclosure Law which requires building owners to disclose known lead hazards to potential buyers and renters.



GLOBAL Encasement’s award winning products met and exceeded all of their requirements and saved the owners 70% over the cost of full-blown removal. The System design included R.I.P. Rust-Inhibiting Primer to halt corrosion, 100% Acrylic Caulk to fill voids and cracks, LeadLock Topcoat and walk-on surfaces received a protective coating of Clear Coat.

“We avoided causing lead dust to become airborne, since there is no scraping involved in the job,” said Sanford Malter, the Architect. “Also, we did not disturb the building’s occupants as we would have with a full containment and removal job.”