CH#118 - Department of Energy, Westinghouse Savannah River Site



Department of Energy, Westinghouse Savannah River Site
Transite Paneling, Bldg.# 703-A





The Challenge:

Transite Paneling, an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM), was Used in the Construction of this Building. The Transite is a Combination of Cement and Asbestos Fiber, as it Deteriorates Over Years the Material Becomes Porous and Friable, Allowing Water To Seep Through to the Interior Walls, Increasing the Risk of Dangerous Fiber Release. Removal Costs were so Prohibitive the D.O.E. was Considering Demolishing the Entire Building.


Benefits Desired:

  • In-Place Manage and Prevent the Release of Asbestos Fibers
  • High Impact- and Abuse-Resistance
  • Minimized Surface Preparation
  • Tenacious Adhesion Over All Surfaces
  • Compliant with or Exceeding All Known Building Codes
  • Waterproof Seal
  • Minimum Building Downtime



A GLOBAL Encasement System Achieved Immediate Results. Not Only Did the Coatings Manage the Asbestos In-Place and Stop Any Fiber Release, they Completely Waterproofed the Exterior Eliminating the Intrusion of Rain into the Building. MPE Multi-Purpose Encapsulant Soaked into the Porous Surface Sealing the Transite Panels and Any Loose Fibers. AsbestoSafe® TopCoat Provided a Durable, Waterproof Finish Warranted to Last at Least 20 Years.





Environmental Attributes