CH#061 - Historical Williamsburg Savings Bank



Historical Williamsburg Savings Bank
Brooklyn, NY





Now Known as the Bank of Republic



The Challenge:

To abate the Asbestos sprayed on fireproofing insulation throughout the tight interstitial space within the dome of this historically significant building.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • A tight seal over the Asbestos fireproofing
  • Little to no surface preparation and minimum downtime
  • Cost effective and long-lasting
  • Low odor



GLOBAL Encasement's Class A Fire Rated PrepLESS Primer and AsbestoSafe® TopCoat were used in the system design that met all of the bank's requirements. Our low odor, easy to use products allowed for abatement workers to apply the coatings while standing on catwalks and with wands to reach all of the tight areas within the dome. National Abatement Corporation, one of the oldest and most experienced environmental remediation contracting firms, performed the work.