CH#304 - Asbestos Fire Proofing Safe Abatement Method

Asbestos Fire Proofing Safe Abatement Method


Asbestos Fireproofing Safe Abatement Method
Portland, Oregon USA


The Challenge:

Global Encasement, Inc. helped find a solution for a potentially very large challenge encountered during a complete renovation project of a 1960’s steel building for Portland State University in Portland Oregon. The challenge was to find a solution that would allow the contractor to do a complete renovation of a building that has asbestos fireproofing throughout with a safe and economical method.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Cost-Effective and Long Lasting
  • Green and Super Compliant Zero 
  • VOC Coatings
  • A Tight Seal Over the Asbestos Fireproofing 
  • Little to No Surface Preparation and 
  • Minimum Downtime



GLOBAL Encasement Inc.’s award-winning AsbestoSafe® coatings system was used by installing it throughout the building. PrepLESS Primer first treated the asbestos without generating any hazardous waste. Then AsbestoSafe® Top Coat provided a durable and pleasing finish that protected occupants and left the building in a safe condition for present and future use.


Testimonial: " AsbestoSafe®" was the safest and by far the most economically friendly solution for our project. As for the economic side to use of this product, the cost to buy and install was 1/lOth of the cost to remove all the asbestos fireproofing and then re-install. This was the perfect solution to our problem.

Jeff Herd
Sr. Superintendent for Fortis Construction