CH#290 - Encapsulating Asbestos

Encapsulating Asbestos


Encapsulating Asbestos - Manhattan Sound Studio

New York


The Challenge: 

Facilities management was challenged by delaminating exterior stucco walls which contained asbestos. The wall was leaking creating a high content of humidity inside the building. They wanted a cost-effective, long-lasting solution that would seal, encapsulating asbestos and waterproof the surfaces.


Benefits Desired:

  • GREEN and Environmentally Advanced Solution
  • Tight Seal, Waterproof, & Protect the Surfaces Without Trapping Moisture
  • Sustainable, Long Lasting, Renewable System
  • Manage In-Place Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)
  • Encapsulating Abestos Seamless Membrane
  • Wind, Weather & Chemical Resistant
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • High Impact & Abuse Resistance
  • Cost-Effective
  • Tenacious Adhesion



A GLOBAL Encasement System met and exceeded the client’s desired benefits. The system included Globe Caulk and PrepLESS Primer followed by AsbestoSafe® TopCoat which was applied to manage the asbestos in-place creating a long-lasting, renewable, durable, and seamless membrane to prevent leaking and potential decay. The system also provides a water-tight seal to stop water leakage through the existing stucco.