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Spray-On Fireproofing on Metal Beam


The challenge:

The asbestos-containing spray-on fireproofing protecting the structural steel in this building was aged and in a deteriorating condition. Over time the material had become friable and hazardous fiber release was possible. Full removal involved demolishing the 5 story complex completely so the building owner and consultants looked for an alternative. A solution was needed that would halt the deterioration of the fireproofing and provide clean air for building occupants.


Benefits desired:

  • Highly impact and abuse resistant
  • Green, Environmentally Advanced Coatings
  • Easy to Apply
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Sustainable and Renewable
  • Minimize Building Downtime



Before                                                                                                      After


To prevent the release of harmful asbestos fibers while securing the existing fireproofing, GLOBAL Encasement Inc.’s AsbestoSafe® system was chosen. PrepLESS Primer penetrated the porous cement-like material and locked down loose fibers and dust. Any cracks where bridged with GEI Seam Tape and GEI Fabric making for a seamless system.  AsbestoSafe® topcoat was applied to complete the project. Work was performed on the weekend to minimize building downtime.