CH#175 - Air Force Museum



Air Force Museum
New Zealand





The Challenge:

Christchurch's world class Air Force Museum has 28 fully restored aircrafts imaginatively displayed with many more undergoing restoration. From the early pioneers to modern times the four ages of flight are represented at the museum, displayed to amaze and enthrall. There was a Need to Protect the Public from Possible Exposure to Friable Asbestos from Some of the Aircraft.


Benefits Desired:

  •     Class A Fire Rating
  •     Little to No Surface Preparation
  •     Lock Down Friable Asbestos
  •     Low VOC’s
  •     Impact and Abuse Resistant
  •     Cost Effective
  •     Long Lasting




The Friable Asbestos on the Exposed Pipes and Ducts was First Locked Into Place Using PrepLESS Primer. Then AsbestoSafe® TopCoat was Applied Creating an Impact and Abuse Resistant Coatings System that will last for Years to Come.