CH#154 - Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, McMasters Hospital and University



Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation
McMasters Hospital and University

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada




The challenge:

The Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation had Asbestos Sprayed-on Fireproofing in the Maintenance Hallways of this Building.  Looking into Removal of the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), it was Determined that the Total Cost would be $125,000,000 Canadian Dollars.  Research into Other Abatement Methods Resulted in Encasement as a Viable Alternative to Full Blown Removal.




Benefits desired:

  •     Class A Fire Rating
  •     Long Term Solution
  •     No Building Downtime
  •     Low VOC’s
  •     Highly Impact and Abuse Resistant
  •     Tight Seal Over Asbestos Fireproofing
  •     Twenty Year Warranty
  •     Cost Effective    



The Canadian Ministry of Labour Declared that No Type 3 Enclosure or Negative Air Machines would be Necessary for ACM Encasement Using GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s Products.  Any Areas where Protective Coatings were Not Needed were Masked Off, then a Fine Mist of PrepLESS Primer was Sprayed on the ACM to Lock Down any Loose Fibers and Debris.  This was Followed by Two Full Coats of PrepLESS Primer Effectively Shrink Wrapping the ACM to the Substrate.  Two Coats of AsbestoSafe® TopCoat were then Applied Locking the ACM Behind a Seamless, Durable and Abuse Resistant Barrier.  The Abatement Cost for this Project Using GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s Products Totaled Only $7,000,000 Canadian Dollars.  That is a Cost Savings of 94% Over Removal, Disposal and Replacement of the Fire Proofing Material.