CH#038 - General Motors, Peregrine Plant



General Motors, Peregrine Plant
Flint, Michigan






The Challenge:

To stabilize and reentact loose galbestos, an industrial coating with asbestos added. The galbestos had been applied to the exterior walls of this old General Motors Plant and was badly failing. The large amount of project square footage ruled out the possibility of any removal and replacement. Whatever was chosen had to manage these hazardous materials in place while waterproofing the old building and at the same time be aesthetically pleasing.


Benefits Desired:

  • Waterproof coating
  • A tight seal over the galbestos
  • Little to no surface preparation
  • Minimized generation of hazardous waste
  • Cost effective and long-lasting



A GLOBAL Encasement AsbestoSafe® System using low odor PrepLESS Primer and AsbestoSafe® TopCoat was designed to meet all of the GM’s requirements. The primer, which has over 9,000 lbs of adhesion strength, stabilized and rejuvenated the exterior walls and with the encasement topcoat, the System offers long lasting protection.