CH#036 - Abate Asbestos-Containing Fireproofing - The Federal Building

Abate Asbestos-Containing Fireproofing


Abate Asbestos-Containing Fireproofing
The Federal Building
Los Angeles, CA USA


The challenge:

The building was undergoing seismic retrofitting and a solution was needed to abate Asbestos-Containing Fireproofing in the interstitial areas.  The building was occupied by government employees and had to remain open and accessible for the multitude of daily workers.


Benefits desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • A Tight Seal Over the Asbestos Fireproofing
  • Ability to withstand vibration
  • Little or No Surface Preparation and Minimum Downtime
  • Cost Effective and Long-Lasting
  • Low Odor



A GLOBAL Encasement Class A Fire Rated AsbestoSafe® System, with its superior adhesion and elongation properties was designed to withstand earthquakes as well as seismic retrofit activity.  Over 200,000 sf of asbestos fireproofing was encased.  PrepLESS Primer allowed for a quick lock down of the ACM, and AsbestoSafe® TopCoat completed the durable, highly impact-, abuse-, and seismic-resistant seamless monolithic membrane.All the government's requirements were met and exceeded.  There was minimum disruption and relocation of tenants as the work was completed during normal building downtime, and the expense of replacement fireproofing and respray was eliminated.
The 20-Year warranted system offers long-lasting protection from fiber release for both the maintenance personnel and building occupants.