CH#033 - Long Island Power Authority



Long Island Power Authority
Riverhead, LI







The Challenge:

When LILCO (now LIPA) put up this service building, they used Transite, a superior Asbestos containing building material. In the summer of 1998, tens of years later, the Transite is still in good condition and as fireproof as ever, but the paint covering it has delaminated, cracked and peeled. Facilities Maintenance personnel needed to either refinish the Transite or demolish the building.


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • A tight seal over existing delaminated paint
  • Little to no surface preparation and minimum downtime
  • Long lasting and durable




A GLOBAL Encasement AsbestoSafe® System was the ideal solution. The PrepLESS Primer stabilized any loose materials and the AsbestoSafe®TopCoat was then applied to complete the System.

The installation of GLOBAL Encasement’s award-winning products saved time and money – once again showing the versatility and effectiveness of GEI’s AsbestoSafe® Encasement Systems.