CH#001 - Asbestos Spray-on Fireproofing - NSU of Louisiana

Asbestos Spray-on Fireproofing-NSU of Louisiana


Asbestos Spray-on Fireproofing
Northwestern State University of Louisiana


Spray-on Fireproofing Asbestos
(Elevator Shaft)

The Challenge:

The movement of the elevator, acting similar to a piston, increased the probability of fiber release from deteriorating Asbestos spray-on fireproofing within the elevator shaft.


 Benefits desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings
  • A Tight Seal Over the Asbestos fireroofing 
  • Little to No Surface Preparation and Minimum Downtime
  • Cost Effective and Long Lasting
  • Low Odor



GLOBAL Encasement’s Class A Fire Rated PrepLESS Primerand AsbestoSafe® TopCoat was used in the encasement system design that met all of the University’s requirements. The low odor, easy to use products allowed for abatement personnel to apply the coatings while standing on top of the elevator. The elevators were down only during the application process and were functional during the drying period which greatly minimized downtime. The 20 year warranted system offers long lasting protection from fiber release for both maintenance personnel and building occupants.