CH#021 - Pontalba Apartments



Pontalba Apartments
New Orleans, LA





The Challenge:

In New Orleans, the oldest apartment building in North America brackets the world famous Jackson Square and set its architectural tone. The combination of street level shops with upstairs apartments still function as they did when the Baroness Pontalba financed their design and construction 150 years ago.

Owned by the State of Louisiana, this historic landmark needed major renovations including abatement of lead-based paint in the lower hallways. The conditions found in the narrow lower hallways included multiple coats of cracking and peeling lead-based paint over plaster walls that were in a highly deteriorated condition. The fragile condition of the surfaces ruled out any type of invasive or abrasive removal methods. In addition, the building had to remain open and accessible 24 hours a day to tenants and the multitude of daily occupants.



                                                                         Before                                                                                       After


Benefits Desired:

  • Little to No Disturbance of the Historically Significant Surfaces
  • Little to No Generation of Hazardous Waste
  • 24 hour Access to Occupants
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Highly Impact and Abuse Resistant
  • Breathable - Allowing for Moisture Vapor Transmission
  • 20 Year Warranty on Labor and Materials



GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. provided all of the desired benefits resulting in aesthetically pleasing, highly abuse and impact resistant surfaces. The custom designed LeadLock System chosen included PrepLESS Primer to lock down any loose, peeling, flaking paint; 100% Acrylic Caulk to fill holes, bridge cracks, voids and rough edges; and LeadLock TopCoat custom tinted to a light gray.