CH#020 - Connors Creek, A Detroit Edison Power Plant



Connors Creek, A Detroit Edison Power Plant
Detroit, MI






The Challenge:

How to deal with the extensive interior renovation of a power plant that contained large quantities of both asbestos insulation and lead-based to protect workers from future exposure while keeping the asbestos in place doing the job it was originally intended to avoid having to replace it with newer inferior materials that would not be as effective.



Benefits Desired:

  • Minimum to No Surface Preparation
  • Minimum to No Waste Generation
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Highly Impact and Abuse Resistant
  • Flexibility to Withstand Extreme Vibration





Both GLOBAL Encasement AsbestoSafe® and LeadLock Systems were used to in-place manage the vast amounts of asbestos block insulation and Lead-Based Paint on coal hoppers, pipes and all interior surfaces.

There was no waste generated that would have to be transported and disposed of and still owned for life while stored in a hazardous material dump. No replacement of expensive building materials was needed. Add all of this to the benefits of being able to apply PrepLESS Primer over loose flaking, dusty surfaces with no preparation, saving cost of expensive labor.

Everyone involved agreed that the project was a huge success and an excellent example of how similar projects could go in the future.