Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month including asbestos education, so this is a good time to raise awareness about preventing unnecessary exposure to asbestos that can cause lung cancer as well as contribute to other possible health concerns.

As I continue to globe trot, I deal with asbestos in many situations. Internationally, asbestos is found in over 2,000 uses and remains in service making up the content in many building components. Asbestos is still the best fireproofing known to man and unequaled as a component in many building materials. However, asbestos exposure can cause lung cancer and other health concerns. I am of the thought process that it’s impossible to stop the use of and removal of all the asbestos that is already in use in the world. I believe that the best we can do to prevent the unnecessary subjection to its downsides is to try to educate people on its hazards and how they can take simple steps to minimize direct exposure.

Throughout the world, I have been personally involved with the encasement of millions of square feet of solid hazardous materials including asbestos, lead based paint, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), etc. As I speak and inform audiences about the potential hazards of exposure to airborne asbestos, I continually emphasize that this can be prevented by simple in-place management with the right installation of green coatings, safely sealing in the asbestos while continuing to realize its benefits.

The truth is, we safely deal with many types of hazardous materials on a daily basis. Take electricity as an example. Regardless of whether it is high or low voltage, we use the same strategy of sealing electrical wires with an appropriate coating to keep people safe from the potential of electrocution while safely realizing all the benefits.

Asbestos can be dealt with in the same manner. We can contain the hazard while letting it do what it is intended to do. The sane approach of in-place management we take for granted in so many other areas can sometimes be overlooked when dealing with solid hazardous materials.

With the proper application of the right green coatings we can prevent exposure and the resulting negative effects with a simple and safe way to deal with these materials. This is the same approach I take in educating people worldwide about protecting themselves and others from unnecessary exposure of lung disease-causing asbestos exposure.

To learn more about protecting people, buildings and the environment with green coatings encasement with GEI (GLOBAL Encasement Inc.) Green coatings contact me at or

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