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               U.S. Department of Defense



          U.S. Navy Public Works Centers



                             U.S. DHS


                United States Coast Guard


          U.S. Department of the Air Force


                            U.S. Army                  


            U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs            


              U. S. Department of Energy




                              U.S. EPA               


                           U.S. DHUD




         Washington Navy Yard - U.S. Navy


            Indian Head Division, Naval                                Surface Warfare Center


                 U.S. Merchant Marine


                                                                                                 Fort Ord Reuse Authority


Yongsan Army Garrison Housing, Seoul


                           Crystal Cove


Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge - U.S. FWS




U.S. Department of Agriculture

         California Dept. of Fish & Game Region 3 Headquarters


U.S. General Services Administration


           WTC Twin Tower



Montana Department of Transportation












    Sacramento Housing and                  Redevelopment Agency

Area Housing Authority, County of Ventura

               Civic Center Residence

      Okinawa Public Housing


The Nyack Center, Nyack NY




National Museum of American History



Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

                        Ithaca, New York


   Charles Broadway Rouss Building



     Williamsburgh Savings Bank


90 Maiden Lane, Manhattan


Fells Point, Robert Long House

        American Can Co.



                 Monadnock Bldg



GLOBAL Encasement Inc. coatings are authorised Worldwide carrying extensive testing completed by independent accredit laboratories. The products have been specified for hospitals, schools and food facilities requiring different standards than other typical buildings.



San Marcos High School


La Colina Junior High School

Beverly Hills High School

G.W. Carver High School


Harvard School of Public Health


         Lawrence Schools


Parkside Intermediate School


       Los Feliz School

Canyon Elementary School

        DoDEA  Pacific



    Kubasaki High School

Zukeran Elementary School



- Accepted for use by the City of New York, Department of Buildings, MEA  #309-94-M
- New York City Vendor #0002085630-1
- Complies with State of New York-Uniform Bldg. Code #1120-15

Qualifies as super compliant low VOC architectural coatings in accordance with SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District)


Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco USA