About Us

GEI's Outstanding Customer ServiceGLOBAL Encasement, Inc. is a Pro Planet Positive Company, a manufacturer of high quality, fully tested and approved, Class A Fire Rated, award winning, environmentally friendly, non-toxic protective Green coatings for renewable/sustainable waterproofing, roofing and most interior and exterior building surfaces. We provide Global Warming/Climate Change Solutions. The products are also engineered, tested and approved to manage-in-place toxic and hazardous building materials such as Lead-Based Paint, Asbestos-Containing-Materials, Mold and Mildew. The products are so clean we have toxicological reports stating they can be applied in the presence of children and pregnant women. We have a proven track record with thousands of completed projects and satisfied customers.

We are always available to help on any project and provide solutions for attaining a better building environment.

Your Last Coat™, RoofCoat™, AsbestoSafe®, LeadLock and PrepLESS Primer™ are all fully compatible and form seamless systems that case by case are designed to be renewable and sustainable and meet even the toughest building abatement challenge.

  • Experts believe in-place management of hazardous materials is the best method of abatement.
  • Fewer associated risks than removal or enclosure.
  • Field proven and long-term management of hazardous materials.
  • A technology leader in the field of protective coatings for hazardous materials.
  • Long-lasting solutions.
  • Non-toxic water-based acrylic coatings that are renewable/sustainable.
  • Fully tested by third-party independent, accredited laboratories.
  • Manufacturers 20 year limited warranty.

Protective coating systems encase and permanently seal hazards in-place.

  • Environmentally sound coatings.
  • Protect buildings and occupants.
  • Preserve historically significant structures.
  • Conserve energy and natural wood resources.

Protective coating systems are your best abatement investment.

LeadLock and AsbestoSafe® protective coating solutions solve environmental problems at far less cost than other abatement methods, reduce downtime and minimize hazardous waste disposal and liability.

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.'s advanced protective coatings solutions:

  • Generate less hazardous dust and fiber release.
  • Apply after-hours for work occurring in occupied buildings.
  • Resolve the need for re-painting.
  • Refurbish and protect aged surfaces.
  • Protect occupants from exposure to harmful fiber and dust.
  • Save up to 90% of the costs associated with hazardous materials removal.

Environmental Attributes