Renewable, Sacrificial Green Coatings Systems


Renewable, Sacrificial Green Coatings Systems are Pro-Planet-Positive and Help Diminish a Buildings' Affect on Climate Change and Global Warming

Surfaces erode over time and it’s a well known and practical fact that it is far better to have sacrificial Green coatings wear away over time rather than the substrate that it is protecting; whether that be roofing or any other interior or exterior building component.

Protecting a roof or any other building stock at the expense of sacrificial renewable/sustainable Green Coatings is the intelligent and economical way to protect your valuable property and building occupants.

GLOBAL Encasement’s environmentally friendly Green Coatings are renewable and sustainable  meaning that even after the twenty year life cycle is complete you can recoat the old coating and it will cross link bond with itself, making it inseparable.  The old and the new become one composite system, avoiding tear off or demolition, disposal and replacement.  This type of Renewable/Sustainable Green Coatings System can save a lot of time, money and the environment.

+  Time - No Need to Relocate Building Occupants

+  Money - Savings Over the Cost of Removal and Replacement

+  Environment - Avoids Disposal into Landfills that are Increasingly in Short Supply

Our Green Coatings are not only renewable and sustainable, they also renew and sustain the obsolete building materials that are being coated, extending their service life and in some cases their historical significance.

Boston Opera House Historic Asbestos Fire Curtain

Boston Opera House

Even an asbestos curtain at the Boston Opera House was saved from disposal at a landfill, thanks to our Renewable/Sustainable Green Coatings Systems.

When we encountered the Boston Opera House project, preservationists and restorers expected that the historic asbestos fire curtain would have to be removed and replaced to stop the potential for dangerous fiber release and exposure to maintenance personnel and patrons. They were ecstatic to find out the curtain could be safely encased using Green Coatings Solutions.  GLOBAL Encasement's Green Coatings saved the historic asbestos fire curtain from the hazardous waste dump, allowing it to continue protecting the building's occupants.  

Boston Opera House Curtain CH#170

Kadena Air Base Metal Hangar Roof

solar reflective metal roof with Green Coatings

The example of GLOBAL Encasement's Renewable/Sustainable Green Coatings Solutions extending the service life of building components was never more driven home as when Kadena Air Base, home of the largest combat wing in the world, needed to have a 110,000 sq. ft. metal roof removed and replaced due to extensive leaks and corrosion. GLOBAL Encasement Inc. presented a more practical, economical and "Green" solution that was then chosen.

First the rust and corrosion needed to be addressed with our RIP™ Rust Inhibiting Primer. then, the holes were patch with our seam tape and finally the metal roof was topcoated with RoofCoat.  The RoofCoat Acrylic Roof Coating System extended the service life for at least another twenty years for what was thought to be a terminated roof. The roof was not only renewed and sustained, there was no building down time, relocation fees or disposal costs. The Energy Star Qualified RoofCoat Acrylic Roof Coating System, with its high solar reflectance, offers tremendous energy savings and a cooler building with less work for the air conditioning system.  In addition, the metal hangar roof was made stronger by the RoofCoat Acrylic Roof Coatings System as this Green Coatings Solution formed a seamless and monolithic membrane that helped to seal the seams of the  existing roofing system giving it greater resistance to the typhoon force winds of the typhoons that sporadically hit the island of Okinawa.

110000 sf Hangar Metal Roof CH#184

Oklahoma Public School Gym Roof

waterproofing and weatherpoofing of Public School Gym Roof

Using Green Coatings to create better building environments that conserve energy and keep children dry, comfortable and safe were the goals for this 1950s Oklahoma public school gym project.  Waterproofing and weatherproofing were needed for the 11,000 sf roof as many of the roof panels had been replaced over the years after being damaged by severe weather. The extreme Oklahoma weather can provide a variation between interior/exterior temperatures of 80 degrees fahrenheit and winds can exceed 80 mph straightline.

GLOBAL Encasement's Energy Star Qualified RoofCoat Acrylic Roof Coatings System was designed to waterproof and protect the roof and the building's occupants. Globe Caulk™ and GEI Seam Tape was used to bridge cracks and seams across the entire roof.  Then, a 34 mil RoofCoat Acrylic Roof Coating System was sprayed over the metal roof creating a seamless, monolithic and waterproof membrane warranted to last 20 Years.  The environmental benefit from RoofCoat's high solar reflectance is a cooler building with less work for the air conditioning system and tremendous energy savings over the life of the building.  Not only did the school realize energy savings the roof can now stand up to the brutal wind and extreme temperature conditions that had battered the existing roof system before.

Public School Gym Roof CH#196