LEED - Green Building

US Green Building Council - LEED - EB


While USGBC does not certify, promote, or endorse proclucts and services of individual companies, they recognize the role they play to help projects with credit achievement.
GEI's products fall into several of the improved practices categories within the LEED - EB Rating System, inclucling:
➢ Exterior building site maintenance programs
➢ Environmentally preferred products for cleaning and alterations
➢ Waste Stream Management
➢ Indoor environmental quality
➢ Reducing the environmental impact of a building throughout its functional life cycle


LEED-EB Project Checklist
✓ Sustainable Sites
Credit 6.2 - Heat Island Reduction: Roof (1 pt)
✓ Energy & Atmosphere
Credit - Optimize Energy Performance (10 pts)
Credit 3.2 - Building Operations and Maintenance (1 pt)
✓ Materials & Resources
Credit 1 - Construction, Demolition and Renovation Waste Management (2 pts)
Credit 2 - Optimize Use of Alternative Materials (5 pts)
✓ Incloor Environmental Quality
Prereq 3 - Asbestos Removal or Encapsulation (Required) 
Credit 3 - Construction IAQ Management Plan (1 pt)
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