Green Coatings Comparative Cost Analysis

Green Coatings/Environmental Savings!

Green Coatings Abatement/Encasement are good for the environment/Green Coatings help save money: Green Coatings help reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of unwanted waste deposited in land fills and reduce the amount of VOC's released when low VOC Green Coatings are choosen for architectural applications. Green Coatings save you money by avoiding expenses incurred by tear-off and replacement of existing roofing membranes and removal/disposal fees associated with hazardous materials remediation by removal.  Green Coatings can also save you time by avoiding downtime for your building and relocation fees for the building occupants.

Comparative Low Cost of Our Green Coatings Solutions

Your investment in GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.'s Green Coatings is less costly in comparison to other coatings in their class.  The VOC content as well as the price per gallon of the coatings aren't the only things that are less when you compare the costs associated with removal and replacement of obsolete building materials.  Consider the environmental cost of not using Green Coatings to maintain building components and increase energy efficiency in buildings.

Our Green Coatings are full bodied and considered high build coatings by industry standards.  Consider the fact that it would take twice as many coats of normal paint to achieve the same build as just one coat of GLOBAL Encasement's TopCoats.  This increased dry mil thickness does a better job of weather/waterproofing building components and provides longer lasting protection, extending the period between coatings reapplication by 4 to 5x.  This helps save on your bottom line, increasing your savings while decreasing building downtime.  These super-compliant architectural green coatings also decrease the amount of construction debris created over the life of a building, helping to reduce CO2 emissions that are created by unwanted waste in land fills.  Ask GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. how its Green Coatings Solutions can help protect and preserve your building as well as your financial resources.

GLOBAL Encasement's Green Coatings Reduce or Eliminate:

1.  CO2 Emissions

2.  Unwanted Waste Deposited in Land Fills

3.  VOC Emissions from Architectural Coatings

4.  Expense of Tear-Off and Replacement of Roofing Membranes

5.  Removal/Disposal Fees for Hazardous Materials Remediation

6.  Building DownTime

7.  Relocation Fees for Building Occupants

8.  Building Maintenance Fees

9.  Costs Associated with Building Energy Use

10.  Cost of Materials and Coatings Application

Site Description:

1 Family House
2,000 square feet of exterior walls with peeling, flaking
Lead-Based Paint
Clapboard Siding

Example I – Enclosure (Vinyl Siding)
*Step 1 – Stabilize the surface by locking down peeling, flaking Lead-Based Paint with PrepLESS Primer.

2,000 sf @ $1.50/sf

$ 3,000

*Step 2 – Install vinyl siding
2,000 sf @ $7.00/sf
Total Cost of Vinyl Siding:
$ 17,000
* GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. does not recommend using vinyl siding alone as a form of Lead-Based Paint abatement. The Lead-Based Paint must first be locked in place to prevent further peeling of the loose paint from the substrate.
(Ref. HUD Guidelines Appendix 7.2-1f.)


Example II – Full Lead-Based Paint Removal and Repainting

*Step 1 – Remove all Lead-Based Paint from substrate 2,000 sf @ $10.00/sf $ 20,000
*Step 2 – Repaint (power wash plus 3 2,000 sf @ $1.75/sf $ 3,500
*Step 3 – Hazardous waste removal (2 drums) $700 / drum $ 1,400

 Total Cost of Removal :

  $ 24,000


Example III - GLOBAL Encasement, LeadLockSystem

*Step 1 – Apply PrepLESS Primer to lock down
loose, flaking, peeling Lead-Based Paint.

*Step 2 – Apply LeadLock TopCoat
(can be custom tinted)

2,000 sf materials@ $0.80/sf

Total Cost:

  $ 7,500


The following analysis assumes abatement of lead or asbestos for an average two-bedroom apartment with an affected surface area of 1,200 square feet. The study presents only the “hard” costs for the project and does not attempt to calculate the “indirect” costs, which depending on the project’s condition could prove substantial.

Abatement by Removal
Abatement by Enclosure
Abatement by
GLOBAL Encasement
Average actual cost per square foot
Initial Labor Cost (1)
Set up (Protective suits & equipment for 2 men, containment, negative air machine
and decontamination
- 0 -
         - 0 -
Material: Paint, stripper, plaster
         - 0 -
- 0 -
         - 0 -
GLOBAL Encasement
- 0 -
- 0 -
Carpenter Cost
         - 0 -
Calculated Cost
Industry Mark up @ 30%
Total Calculated Cost
Cost Per Square Foot
Savings vs. Removal =
Savings vs. Enclosure
$7,020  (61%)