Green Coatings Benefits

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s 100% acrylic green coatings systems and products offer proven and measurable results with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.


Cost Effective System

Can save up to 90% over the cost of removal, disposal and replacement.

Building Envelope Protection

Coatings protect roof and siding surfaces from ultraviolet degradation and typical weathering. It also creates a seamless monolithic membrane giving the building better protection against high-wind events, such as typhoons, hurricanes, etc.

Extended Life

Our sustainable green coatings protect interior and exterior building surfaces extending their useful service life. They are designed and engineered to cross-link-bond with each other, and are easily renewed when their useful service life is over.

Fire Resistance

Class A Fire Rated and UL Listed, our green coatings will not adversely affect the fire rating of your building surfaces. Class A Fire Rated means that the product does not support combustion and nothing toxic is released if burned.

Energy Star Compliant

Highly reflective roof coatings significantly reduce building air conditioning costs depending on geographic location, existing roof insulation thickness and ceiling plenum construction.

Zero VOC Environmentally Advance Green Coatings

Our green coatings have zero to low  VOCs and zero ODS. Always manufactured to be clean, environmentally advanced, non-toxic and biodegradable,they are defined as “Super-Compliant Architectural Coatings” according to the VOC compliancy standards set forth by the US Southern California Air Quality Management District, which is one of the strictest standards in the world.

LEED (Leadership and Environmental Engineering Design) Certification Compliant

The documented use of our coatings can help with goals for achieving LEED Certification points for your building.


GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. has several coating systems options for you to choose from because one size does not fit all. Tell us what your roof and building challenges are and we will design a compatible system.

Green Coatings Testimonials