Ease of Application


GEI coatings can be applied by conventional means (brush, roller or spray)


All of GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s products can be applied by conventional means (brush, roller or spray) and have low VOC’s (volatile organic content) and no ODS (ozone depleting substances) and are water-based acrylic coatings so clean-up is with water. All of our systems can be applied with normal paint application practices. Depending on the particular application using our coatings can minimize down-time because disturbing obsolete building materials would create hazardous conditions requiring containment and relocation of tenants or personnel. GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s products are approved for use as encapsulants in all 50 states and are in use all over the world. Always follow local, state and federal laws with regard to hazardous materials abatement practices and regulations in your area.


GEI coating brush application    GEI coating can be applied using spray    GEI coatings using roller


We call it PrepLESS Primer because it means just that..less prep, less mess, less dust and less cost.

PrepLESS Primer can be used to minimize the majority of surface preparations usually necessary for normal lead-based paint preparation. The primer adheres to surfaces that can be only marginally cleaned and can be used to lock down and reattach loose and flaking paint. A wet removal technique is to apply the Primer then selectively remove the excessively loose and flaking paint (while the primer is still wet) for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Once the PrepLESS Primer has been applied and lead-based paint debris has been removed from the site the finished abatement system can be accomplished without the use of secondary containment and reverts to normal paint application procedures.

PrepLESS Primer can be used to lock down friable asbestos by applying a thin coat of primer with the pressure adjusted lower so that only a fine mist is emitted. Once this is accomplished and the thin coat of primer is allowed to dry the balance of the primer can be applied at normal pressure effectively locking down the asbestos while preventing dangerous fiber release.

PrepLESS Primer used on normal painting jobs can fill small cracks and voids (up to a 1/8“) and be applied anywhere tenacious adhesion is needed or for surfaces that can be only marginally cleaned. For waterproofing of a substrate it is the product used to aid in the creation of a monolithic breathable system. With 4000% elongation the primer flexes with the substrate and resists cracking due to expansion and contraction caused by heat, cold and/or vibration, seismic activity.

GLOBAL Encasement’s TopCoats are warranted to be fully bodied (62-68% solids by weight) and can be applied to achieve higher mil thickness with fewer coats. With the products tremendous “hang-time” it can even be applied to ceilings at greater thickness. With 0-44 g/l our topcoats have the lowest VOC’s (volatile organic content) on the market today and our toxicological report states that the product can be applied with pregnant women and children right in the room.

All of our TopCoats have superior moisture vapor transmission properties and are engineered to cross link bond with one another creating systems with superior adhesion, durability and weatherability. With  brush, roller or spray equipment these coatings go on smooth and create long lasting solutions to the challenges presented by obsolete building materials and weathering substrates.


Applying PrepLESS Primer on peeling and alligatoring paint     Reattach Loose, Flaking Paint with PrepLess Primer on Ceiling


Leeching Lead Paint on Walls Being Applied with PrepLess Primer     Applying PrepLess Primer on Flaking Paint