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  • Asbestos ENCASEMENT/Encapsulation is a cost-effective method for managing & abating asbestos.
  • ENCASEMENT with AsbestoSafe® systems protects building occupants from harmful exposure to friable asbestos dust & fibers.
  • Global ENCASEMENT's Award-winning coatings solutions can help achieve LEED-EB Certification for optimized use of alternative materials.
  • Asbestos abatement myths & facts clarified: "Abatement" refers to lessening the dangers &  hazards of asbestos-containing materials.
  • Global ENCASEMENT's Asbestos ENCASEMENT/Encapsulation Systems use environmentally friendly, non-toxic, & high-performance coatings.
  • Asbestos-containing materials can be safely managed in-place using abatement methods recommended by the US EPA
  • Asbestos has been commonly used as a building material since 1880 & can still be found in US buildings today.
  • Managing Asbestos Containing Materials In-Place is recommended by the US EPA instead of removal in many cases.
  • AsbestoSafe® ENCASEMENT Systems can last for the life of the building, making it an excellent investment for building owners.

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  • Asbestos encasement/encapsulation can simplify the management and abatement of asbestos, &  it is cost-effective.
  • Applying AsbestoSafe® encasement/encapsulation systems can help protect building occupants from harmful exposure to friable asbestos, dust, & fibers during normal operations and maintenance procedures.
  • Asbestos is the best fireproofing material, and it can help protect buildings during a fire.
  • Well-maintained asbestos-containing materials can last for the life of the building, and abatement by encapsulation makes environmental sense and saves money.
  • GLOBAL Encasement's multi-purpose ENCASEMENT/Encapsulant is the most versatile asbestos encapsulant on the market and has multiple uses for encapsulation, removal, and post-removal.
  • The use of Global ENCASEMENT Inc.'s award-winning coating solutions alone can help a building owner achieve LEED-EB certification, and points can be earned in various categories.
  • Asbestos abatement refers to a lessening of the dangers and hazards associated with the asbestos-containing material, and it can often be managed in place with abatement methods described by the US EPA.
  • Global ENCASEMENT, Inc.'s asbestos ENCASEMENT/Encapsulation systems are designed using GREEN-environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, Zero VOC’s high-performance, water-based, high-quality acrylic coatings.
  • Asbestos has been a commonly used building material since 1880, and although it is not known how much asbestos exists in the US infrastructure or throughout the world, managing asbestos-containing materials in place is recommended by the US EPA and other international agencies and organizations.
AsbestoSafe® Uses:
AsbestoSafe® is excellent for in-place management of Asbestos Containing Materials.  It is suitable for interior or exterior use for application over asbestos-containing building materials on walls, ceilings, ducts, pipes and roofing.  It securely seals and encases hazardous fibrous materials on structural steel (e.g. asbestos containing spray-on fireproofing).  It also can be used over asbestos containing plaster, Transite and various other fibrous materials including fiberglass or ceramic fiber.    

AsbestoSafe® GREEN Features:

  • Class A fire rated
  • Does not affect the fireproof rating of the building
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Can be custom tinted almost any color

AsbestoSafe® Technical Data and Properties

Solids by weight: 
Solids by volume: 
Weight per gallon: 
Liquid appearance: 
Drying time:
66% (+/- 2%)
52% (+/- 2%)
11.85 lbs
Bright white with mild scent
110 +/-10 KU
To Touch: 1-4 hours
Recoat After Dry To Touch: 2-8 hours
Full Cure: 10-14 days








Information on AsbestoSafe® TopCoat Performance

AsbestoSafe® has an elongation of 329% and a tensile strength of 200 psi (ASTM D412), superior flexibility (ASTM D522,A), high impact resistance (ASTM D2794), and adhesion (ASTM E736). This Material is a UL Listed roofing/waterproofing coating. This material has passed ASTM E-108 (comparable to U.B.C. St’d 32-7) and meets the requirements for Class A.

AsbestoSafe® is a Class “A” Fire Rated Material and has passed ASTM E-119 testing over fireproofing insulation, ASTM E-84, E-162, and QUV G53.
This material has also passed European Standards Testing EN 13823 Reaction to fire tests for building products and EN ISO 11925-2 Reaction of fire tests – Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame.


GLOBAL Encasement's AsbestoSafe®
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