The Above Pictures are from GLOBAL Encasement Inc.'s Case History #188 where MOLDon't™ was used on Thousands of Homes that were Being Renovated and had Previously been Coated with Lead Based Paint.  The Buildings Needed to be Sealed While also Resolving the Mold and Mildew Issues.  

GLOBAL Encasement Inc.'s MOLDon't™ GREEN Interior/Exterior Coating, Designed and Engineered to be Self Priming was Tough Enough to Deal with Both Issues at the Same Time.  MOLDon't™ Passed the Liquid Encapsulant Protocol ASTM-1795 for Safety Sealing in Lead Based Paint and Contains a Biocide for Mold and Mildew Prevention.  This Twenty Year Renewable Waterproofing System was Custom Tinted to Match all the Existing Colors.

Product Description

MOLDon't™ TopCoat is an environmentally advanced, high performance, high solids acrylic coating with biocide that prevents mold from growing on the surface.  It is designed as a stand-alone product to be used after the mold has been remediated.    
MOLDon't™ is tested to ASTM E-1795; and when tested in accordance with ASTM D3273, D3274 and G21, exhibited 0 fungal growth.
DL Laboratories Toxicological Report states:  “There is no toxicological basis for limiting occupancy of a dwelling unit, or restricting entry of any resident including pregnant women and children under six years of age, to dwelling units during the application of your encapsulant.” 
MOLDon't™ can be custom tinted almost any color and functions as a tough membrane that refurbishes and protects old surfaces or seals and protects new construction.

MOLDon't™ Green Features:

  • Biocide to prevent mold and mildew
  • One Coat - 7 Mil Dry Film Thickness (DFT) - (Interior)
  • Two Coats - 14 Mil DFT (Exterior)
  • Can be custom tinted almost any color
  • Quick dry to touch time
  • Cures out completely in 10-14 days
  • Extremely tough, durable and flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Low Volatile Organic Content (VOC) 
  • No offensive odors
MOLDon't™ is excellent for walls, ceilings, trim, pipes and all non-friction surfaces.  It can be used over treated or untreated wood, stone, metal, wallboard, sheet rock, cracked and painted plaster, stucco, masonry, concrete and various fibrous materials.
Technical Data and Properties
Solids by weight:
Solids by volume:
Weight per gallon:
Liquid appearance:
Drying time:
62.3% (+/- 2%)
49.8% (+/- 2%)
11.1 lbs
44 g/l
Bright white with mild scent
95-105 KU
To Touch: 1-4 hours
Recoat After Dry To Touch: 2-8 hours
Full Cure: 10-14 days
Product Installation
  • MOLDon't™ TopCoat is ready to use.
  • Apply by brush or roller, or airless sprayer. 
  • All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of mold, mildew, chalking, dirt, grease, oil, or other contaminants that would interfere with proper adhesion.
  • Best applied in temperatures between 50ºF and 100ºF.
  • Dries in 2-8 hours.  Cool temperatures and high humidity can affect dry and cure time.  
  • Follow manufacturer’s application guidelines.
  • Easy to use and clean up is with water.
MOLDon't™ coverage rate on a flat surface is: 
137 sf/gallon for 7 mils DFT
 68 sf/gallon for 14 mils DFT
Coverage varies depending upon the porosity and texture of the surface being encased.
Spray Application: Use self-cleaning reversible spray tip, size .019-.025 (.021 is most often used). 
Brush: Use any nylon bristle brushes. 
Roller: Use a ¾ inch nap, may require two passes to obtain 7 Mil DFT.
Availability and Cost
Call GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. at  800-266-3982  for pricing and availability.
GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. can warrant for a period of up to twenty (20) years from the date of purchase that MOLDon't™ TopCoat is free of any defects in manufacturing. The Limited Warranty herein described shall be in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
GLOBAL Encasement's sole liability under this Limited Warranty shall be, at its option, to replace any portion of the product proven to be defective in manufacture.
Any defects discovered must be reported to GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. within the Limited Warranty period, and no later than 30 days after discovery.
This Limited Warranty does not extend to liability for any damages due to abuse by occupants, improper maintenance, water damage, or any other causes beyond anticipated conditions and the manufacturer's control.
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