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During business hours (9AM - 6PM Pacific Standard Time) call 1-800-266-3982

Fax us at 1-800-520-3291

We look forward to being of service.  For questions or free consultation and system designs, please use the Contact Form below giving us the best way to get in touch with you - either an email address or a Phone Number so we can learn more how to help you with your specific project.
To place orders, please call our Customer Service line 1-800-266-3982.
You can also reach us at

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GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. respects your privacy.  We do not give access to your e-mail address to any other person, company, or entity.
Your e-mail address is only used in the following circumstances:

    •  To confirm your order
    •  To ask questions about your order
    •  To answer your questions or comments
    •  To keep you informed on GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. products and news

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