CH#125 - U.S. Navy Destroyer, USS Carney DDG #64



U.S. Navy Destroyer, USS Carney DDG #64







The Challenge:

Bath Iron Works was Looking for a Coating Material to Protect the Lagging Wrapped Around the Uptakes Inside the Super Structure of this Navy Destroyer. The Coating Material Must be Able to Move with the Substrate without Cracking, Allow Moisture Build Up to Escape from the Substrate and Finally, Waterproof the Uptakes to Protect the Substrate from the Salt Air and Elements.



Before                                                             After


Benefits Desired:

  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Minimum Surface Preparation
  • Seal and Waterproof the Surface without Trapping Moisture
  • Non Toxic and Zero VOC’s
  • High Impact- and Abuse-Resistant
  • Fast Drying
  • Flexibility to Withstand Extreme Vibration
  • Long Term Solution



                                                                             Before                                                                         After



A Class A Fire Rated GLOBAL Encasement System was Installed Providing the U.S. Navy with a Secure, Highly Impact-Resistant, Durable, Long Lasting Solution. The System Chosen Includes Our PrepLESS Primer with 4,000 Percent Elongation, GEI Seam Tape, and Our Waterproof  Your Last Coat Encasement TopCoat, Which Allows Vapor Transmission. The Contractor was Under Pressure to Complete this Project, and was Able to Apply PrepLESS Primer and Encasement TopCoat on the Same Day Due to the Quick Dry Time of the Coatings.


This Work was Performed by Global Encasement Approved Contractor–Earl Industries.









Your Last Coat is a  Green, Water-Based, Non-Toxic, Zero VOC Coating. It is Sustainable, Tough, Abuse, Rust, Mildew, Fire & Chemical-Resistant. It Forms a 20 Year Renewable, Water/Weather Proofing Membrane to Protect Buildings & Restore Roofing. It is Approved for Managing Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint & Solid PCB’s.






PrepLESS Primer - a super compliant architectural green coating primer-sealer-neutralizer that acts as a stabilizer for building surfaces that can be only marginally cleaned and where tenacious adhesion is needed.






MPE™ is a dilute-able, water thin, non toxic, easily applied, water-based penetrating encapsulant used for pre and post removal. It is used in minimizing exposure during disaster clean up, hazardous material removal and helping control all dust and debris.






R.I.P.  is an environmentally sound, water-based Rust Inhibiting Primer to be used over ferrous metal surfaces. Employing the latest breakthroughs in water-based acrylic technology, it can even be applied over properly prepared rusted surfaces, with excellent resistance to flash rusting.





PremeClean Industrial Cleaner is a highly effective, water-soluble, and versatile cleaner concentrate.





Environmental Attributes