Greetings George,
I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the service that you provided in obtaining the encasement materials for our church roof, as well as the quality of the coating itself. We are very happy with the look of our fellowship hall roof, and we plan to work with you in the future in doing the same to our Sanctuary building when our budget permits.
Thank-you again. It was a pleasure working with you.
Rod Flippen
Treasurer, St. Peter Lutheran Church
1510 N. Parton St.
Santa Ana, CA 92706


I’d like to mention a neat product called PrepLESS by Global Encasement, Inc.. PrepLESS was designed to “encapsulate”  lead and asbestos, and  it sticks, holds, breathes and stretches, making it a very tenacious and durable coating (according to the manufacturer). We first applied it to a badly weathered (chalky, crackled, peeling) stucco exterior, and later tried it on trashed T111 siding. In both cases, the adhesion and build was phenomenal. My only concern is that it may be too flexible to go under conventional coatings, but so far, so good.

San Francisco, CA


"I have used several of your products in the past years ago on multiple school restoration projects. The products work great and we have had great success with all applications.” 

Mack Queen  
Industrial Surfacing & Lining, LLC.  
“Engineered Solutions For Industry”


"This coating is of higher quality than any product that can be found locally."

Flagli Degbor, Project Manager


I have been building wood framed buildings for over 40 years and considered an expert in the courts. This coating has the ability to not only support all our disaster rebuilds it has the ability to change our building codes. 
As we all watch 80,000 homes get flooded in 2016 we have to wonder when we will embrace more than a house wrap over the wall sheeting from all first floor windows sills down and over the concrete when house wraps and tar paper were designed for falling rain - not rising flood water. Or how about how we use drip screed at the bottom of stucco and we allow termites and insects to move into your walls before you even move in. This coating can make a house as water proof as a boat. In closing if we could just consider in a flood disaster clean up after we remove the wet drywall and insulation what if we sprayed those walls to make sure mold can not grow while we make them water proof.
Yes this product has all the data to become the most defensive product in the building industry.

Steve Conboy
Expert Consultant/Witness
M-Fire Suppression Inc


Your product preformed exactly the way your literature said it would.  We had no issues.  The interior painter had all kinds of problems with flaking on the inside.  Some of our work was also on the inside, we had no issues.  We will use your product again.  

Kip O. McCoy, Project Manager
Watertight Systems, Inc.
Lexington, South Carolina 

GLOBAL Encasement Inc. Superior GREEN Products

Your product is far superior than the main brand in the UK. 

Sam Barker, Sales Manager
First Response Site Services Ltd.
Essex, UK

Innovative and Green Product Line

I looked for several solutions to a leaking roof lines and the heating that occurred from sunlight, which was deteriorating the materials under the roof. Through thorough research and trial by error I tried many different applications and products, that although claiming to be lasting and sustainable, were not, I came across Global Encasemennt, Inc. (GEI) through friends who recommended me towards GEI’s innovative and green product line, in one day and in one single application, the roof has not leaked, the heating that occurred has been reduced greatly and my expensive hardware under the roof does not deteriorate through excessive sunlight anymore. A well defined, simple, easily applied product line, which is more than well worth the inexpensive outlay for a green, environmentally friendly product that WORKS AS INTENDED. As a resident in a country with extreme humidity and rainfall, I highly recommend GEI products; the applications that can be utilized are flexible, adaptive and safe.

Brandon Williams, Deputy Director
Veracity GmbH

Consulting & Testing Services, Inc. (CTSI)

As a Health & Safety Facilities consultant, every day we look for new technologies and ways to assist our clients.  Over 20 years ago, we were introduced to Global Encasement Products and since then we have recommended GE products for various applications such as encasement of hazardous materials and building components.  We have witnessed how easy the application of the product has been and its positive results afterward.  We recommend GE products as a sensible and cost effective solutions.

Frank Selamie, President
Consulting & Testing Services, Inc. (CTSI)
New York, NY USA

Yamato Corporation

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your company.  You have a superior product line that is second to none for us here at Yamato Corporation. Using your products on our jobs has proved to be easier than an any other product in its category.  From lead and asbestos encapsulation to roofing or simple coatings it is always been a breeze.  It is a comfort knowing that we are using the Greenest products on the market. Thanks to all your excellent staff who always seem available to work with us on projects to find the proper solutions. 
Thanks and keep up the good work.
James Smith, President
Yamato Corporation
Okinawa, Japan

Facility Solutions Plus, Inc.

Let me begin by saying thank you for getting me involved with such an amazing product.
Each application is by far better and more cost effective than any products that I have used in the past. Your installers that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with are professional and have great workmanship qualities.
I would highly recommend Global Encasement to my clients for the benefit of protecting their Property.
Encasement in lieu of replacement should be the focus for all Facilities, Commercial and Residential.

Rick Scuderi, President
Facility Solutions Plus, Inc.
New York, NY USA

GLOBAL Encasement Inc. Superior GREEN Products

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for the information and the time you take to always answer my questions, I really believe in your products and I know without a doubt that the future lies in coatings particularly superior ones such as yours that offer much more than others.

David Moffatt, President
SOS Services
Toronto, Canada
Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Saint Clair Shores, MI
Lead Base Paint Encasement/Encapsulation

Mike Kelly after using GLOBAL Encasement Inc's products for over 10 years writes "I personally think it is the best stuff for encapsulation on the market".

Michael L.Kelly
Environmental Maintenance Engineers
Inkster, Michigan USA
Santa Clarita Commuter Rail Bridge
Lead Based Paint Encasement/Encapsulation

I really appreciate all of the help your company gave us working on the Santa Clarita Bridge project. Your product line is excellent, very user friendly and made us both look good!

GLOBAL Encasement has opened up a whole new market for us where surface prep is an issue and containment a must.  We look forward to doing more projects together in the future and appreciate being on your approved applicator list.

Nick Cicharillo
Techno Coatings, Inc.
Anaheim, CA USA


Holter Dam

I was one of the contractors who applied the PrepLESS Primer and LeadLock to the turbine room overhead at Holter Dam. I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you at the end of the project, but I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your product. I have never seen a product like your PrepLESS Primer. The stuff was amazing; it did everything you said it would. I was especially impressed with what it did to the original coating.

Tim Talbert
Talbert Painting
Helena, Montana USA


555 Broadway, NYC and other projects

Power washing, sand blasting, and chemical removal would not have been environmentally sound and would have caused potential safety risks, should any pieces detach and fall onto high pedestrian traffic below.  Our preferred option, again, was the LeadLock system that miraculously sealed and held the scaling paint material. The final result was a decoratively visual, seamless coating that encapsulated the existing deteriorated paint. The owner of the building was most pleased with the resulting finish and saving of time and expense.

The application of GLOBAL's LeadLock Encasement System, R.I.P.™ Rust-Inhibiting Primer and LeadLock , helped reattach the damaged paint and reinforced the bonding capacity of the existing paint.

We have applied the GLOBAL Encasement LeadLock System to a multitude of our projects and have attained enormous success in schools, hospitals, water and sewage treatment plants, transit authority terminals, etc.

Howard L. Strauss, President
P & H Supply Co.
Harrison, NY USA


Pontalba Apartments, Jackson Square, New Orleans

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the outstanding work that your company did for us. The process seems to be extremely effective in combating the chipping and peeling paint problem that we have experienced over the years.

Robert E. Wheat
Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism
Office of the State Museum
New Orleans, LA USA


Columbia University, NYC

It’s not often that I take time to write to one of my vendors, but after using your products over the past year and a half for both lead and asbestos projects I felt compelled to. All of your products have performed well above our expectations and as you are aware our standards for performance are quite high. In the case of our University project, your assistance was invaluable in gaining the acceptance of all your encasement products. I wish to thank you for your diligence and for you help in designing customized system applications for your products on some very difficult projects.

Michael J. Caputo
NAC Environmental Corporation
New York, NY USA


American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program

On behalf of the American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program, I would like to thank you and GLOBAL Encasement for your support and dedication to our program. This exemplifies the basic moral fiber that makes GLOBAL Encasement ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest.

Karen M. Houdashell
Program Coordinator
San Antonio, TX USA


Southwest Hazard Control, Inc.

Our experience with using your products has been outstanding with both asbestos and lead abatement. The PSN materials adhere like nothing else we have used.

The AsbestoSafe® and LeadLock Encasement Systems are superior to anything we have ever used before, and we have been doing asbestos encasement since 1986.

As an Industrial Hygienist, I am delighted to have a product line that performs so well and poses no harmful effects on the workers or other occupants of the buildings. Your encasement materials are user friendly, environmentally sound (since they are water based) and encasement saves clients considerable money while reducing the volume of hazardous waste generated during an abatement action.

Gerald J. Karches, President
Southwest Hazard Control, Inc.
Tucson, AZ USA


The LeadLock System

Blast Specialties would like to take a few moments to express gratitude for producing such a great product like in the LeadLock System. BSI found that the technical service was as of high quality as the products.

Fortunately we came in contact with the LeadLock System. Words can’t describe how impressed we were with these products. By eliminating the removal process, we save time and money. The products are user friendly, environmentally safe, and cost effective.

James Walden, President
Blast Specialties, Inc.
Slidell, LA USA


Drake's Bakery

The Global Encasement coating eliminated chipping and peeling of regular paint, and now we are scoring higher on every inspection.  Even our inspector is recommending it to other bakeries.

Sanitation Department Engineer
Drake's Bakery
Wayne, NJ USA


Global Encasement's Incredible Product Line

We wanted you to know how we feel about your exceptional products --- all of them are incredible and give us a secure feeling about using products that are safe for the environment and safe for our people.

We are the consulting Architects & Engineers for Yokota Air Base, Japan and Kadena Air Base Okinawa, Japan and we are responsible for the development of the best specification of products for our many building projects.  Your Global Encasement product lines that have environmentally advanced solutions without any environmental liability are superior.

We are particularly impressed with the AsbestoSafe® and LeadLock non-toxic encasement coatings that safely abate asbestos and lead base paint, both of which are found in our buildings around the bases.  The RoofCoat products has proven itself in extending the life of the metal roofs on the aircraft hangars.  Corrosion is a particular difficult issue in Okinawa, and we feel that your Global Encasement products are the right materials, at the right time, and at the right price.

Thank you for your excellent on-site assistance and your continuing products updates.  On a personal note, I have been a practicing Environmental Engineer and Manager for over 35 years in both the US Airforce Civil Engineer career field and as an owner of an environmental consulting firm.  Your products are the top of our list for use by our consulting engineers and architects.

Don-Michael Bradford, Ph.D.,CE
Colonel1, USAF Ret DAV
Managing Director & Owner
Invest Pacific LLCAuthorized AE Joint Venture of the US Air Force Contracting Office


Global Encasement Product Line

Just wanted to drop you a few lines to  let you know how we feel about your outstanding product line.  All of your products are extremely exceptional and give us the confidence and secure feeling of using a product that is environmetally safe and safe for the general public.

The AsbestoSafe® and LeadLock non - toxic encasement coating products that safely abate asbestos and lead base paints that exist in our office buildings and private homes here in the local economy have proven to be extremely impressive.

As you know the tropical weather here with the rain and humidity has always been a never ending battle for the prevention and killing of organic mold and water seepage in the steel and concrete roofs.  With your MOLDon't, DeMold and RoofCoat products, have given us the confidence and the edge that we needed to win this battle against mold and water leakage and the RoofCoat products has also has proven to be an outstanding method for errosion control.

Again we would like to Thank You for your outstanding on-site assistance.  We have been in construction for the past 15 years and have never seen an Environmetally Safe product such as your product line and look forward to doing business with Global Encasement Inc. for many many years to come.

Bobby L. Parker
Ryukyu Enterprise Ltd.
Okinawa, Japan


Global Encasement Performance, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

CH2MHill Constructors, Inc. was tasked to repair a severely deteriorated 110,000 square foot metal roof at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan.  Over the years, the salt content in the air due to the nearby ocean had corroded the metal roof panels to the point of complete rust-through of metal panels.

Global Encasement's RoofCoat Encasement roofing system offered CH2MHill Constructors, Inc. a faster, cheaper and less disruptive repair of the roof than traditional methods.  The finished product is an attractive roof that has withstood extremely heavily rainfalls without any leaking.  In addition, our client, the US Airforce, is very pleased with the final product.

Erik M. Olness
CH2MHill Site Engineer
Okinawa, Japan






Your Last Coat is a  Green, Water-Based, Non-Toxic, Zero VOC Coating. It is Sustainable, Tough, Abuse, Rust, Mildew, Fire & Chemical-Resistant. It Forms a 20 Year Renewable, Water/Weather Proofing Membrane to Protect Buildings & Restore Roofing. It is Approved for Managing Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint & Solid PCB’s.






PrepLESS Primer - a super compliant architectural green coating primer-sealer-neutralizer that acts as a stabilizer for building surfaces that can be only marginally cleaned and where tenacious adhesion is needed.






MPE™ is a dilute-able, water thin, non toxic, easily applied, water-based penetrating encapsulant used for pre and post removal. It is used in minimizing exposure during disaster clean up, hazardous material removal and helping control all dust and debris.






R.I.P.  is an environmentally sound, water-based Rust Inhibiting Primer to be used over ferrous metal surfaces. Employing the latest breakthroughs in water-based acrylic technology, it can even be applied over properly prepared rusted surfaces, with excellent resistance to flash rusting.





PremeClean Industrial Cleaner is a highly effective, water-soluble, and versatile cleaner concentrate.





Environmental Attributes