Sustainability & Long Term Performance


Global Encasement's practical approach to Sustainability is to meet customer needs while respecting the environment. This is accomplished with a positive relationship between environmental performance and economic advantage.

Sustainability means being able to continue and survive - having the capacity to endure under severe conditions for prolonged periods of time.

Great Wall of China

One of the best examples on the planet of sustainability of a man made structure is the Great Wall of China. It was built to last.
Sustainability requires harmonizing and balancing with the environment, social equity and economical demands. This is known as the three pillars of sustainability.
It's also been known as a three legged stool - people, planet and profit. The three components are acknowledged as equal parts and without all three, collapses. The use of GLOBAL Encasement's coatings directly address all three of these issues.

  1. People - Social Equity - Providing better living environments and contributing to the overall well being of people by encasing their buildings with a secure building energy envelope - effectively sealing in toxic contaminants and sealing out unwanted weather.
  2. Planet - Environmental Management- GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. has been a Green business for 20 years. GEI coatings are Environmentally Advanced - containing No Ozone Depleting Substances and Zero VOCs. They are non toxic and biodegradable. When applied they can turn a toxic building into a green property without having to generate unwanted waste.  They help lower atmospheric CO2 levels of greenhouse gases by minimizing the generation, transportation and storage of waste.
  3. Profit - Ecological Economics - There can be great energy/money savings by using GEI coatings to encase the envelope of a building; they help earn LEED credits; and the installation of the coatings creates jobs.

Sustainability by GEI coatings definition means they are designed and engineered to withstand the test of time. They are able to sustain attacks from rain, wind, sun/ultra violet rays, salt sea spray and other elements that can break down a surface. They give outstanding long term performance and stay functional over extended periods of time giving the highest lifetime Return On Investment.  Engineered and designed to hold up under harsh conditions for at least 20 years, they far outperform retail latex paints that have 3-7 year paint cycles even under the best of conditions.

Global Encasement's practical approach to sustainability is to meet customer needs while respecting the environment. This is accomplished with a positive relationship between environmental performance and economic advantage.

GCK on Sphinx


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Your Last Coat is a  Green, Water-Based, Non-Toxic, Zero VOC Coating. It is Sustainable, Tough, Abuse, Rust, Mildew, Fire & Chemical-Resistant. It Forms a 20 Year Renewable, Water/Weather Proofing Membrane to Protect Buildings & Restore Roofing. It is Approved for Managing Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint & Solid PCB’s.






PrepLESS Primer - a super compliant architectural green coating primer-sealer-neutralizer that acts as a stabilizer for building surfaces that can be only marginally cleaned and where tenacious adhesion is needed.






MPE™ is a dilute-able, water thin, non toxic, easily applied, water-based penetrating encapsulant used for pre and post removal. It is used in minimizing exposure during disaster clean up, hazardous material removal and helping control all dust and debris.






R.I.P.  is an environmentally sound, water-based Rust Inhibiting Primer to be used over ferrous metal surfaces. Employing the latest breakthroughs in water-based acrylic technology, it can even be applied over properly prepared rusted surfaces, with excellent resistance to flash rusting.





PremeClean Industrial Cleaner is a highly effective, water-soluble, and versatile cleaner concentrate.





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