Global Warming and Climate Change Solutions


GLOBAL Encasement and its Products Demonstrate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. has always been a "Green" Company and its products by definition are architectural "Green" coatings.  With the creation of the LEED Green Buildings Rating System the coatings aquire that much more validity for use in Green Buildings Design.  With the documented use of GLOBAL Encasement's Award Winning Coatings Solutions for existing buildings and new construction building owners by proxy also demonstrate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

How Pro Planet Renewable "Green" Products Contribute to a Cleaner Environment

 GLOBAL Encasement Inc’s Pro Planet, Renewable/Sustainable Green Products contribute to a cleaner environment, and help counter Global Warming/Climate Change by indefinitely extending the life of all building structures, reducing the need for building demolitions and roof tear offs that generate unwanted waste, saturating limited landfills. Studies show that these rubbish dumps contribute at least 40% of the damaging greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions that are linked to Global Warming/Climate Change. That’s why it’s imperative to make buildings last as long as they possibly can.

Also important is the reduction of fossil fuel used in the transportation of waste from the same building demolitions, roof tear offs and the generation of hazardous waste.
All GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s renewable/sustainable products are manufactured from safe, water-based raw materials that are non toxic, non-hazardous, have the lowest VOCs of any in its class of coatings on the market today and contain no Ozone Depleting Substances.

In addition, our renewable/sustainable coatings conserve resources and outlast standard Top-Coats by 4x to 5x.  At the end of the cycle just apply another coat, and it will cross link bond with itself, extending its protection indefinitely.    

Just as importantly we all need to be aware of cool roofs and how they help counter the negative effects of Global Warming/Climate Change.  Cool roofs coated with GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s RoofCoat™ are proven to reduce urban ambient temperatures and temperature sensitive smog levels saving energy by reflecting ultra violet rays off a surface allowing a building to stay cooler and air conditioning to work less.
GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.'s manufacturing facility is energy efficient and has a cool roof.


Energy and Environmental Design


US Green Buildings Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings

While USGBC does not certify, promote, or endorse products and services of individual companies, they recognize the role they play to help projects achieve credits.
GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s products fall into several of the improved practices categories within the LEED – EB Rating System, including:  

♦ Exterior building site maintenance programs
♦ Environmentally preferred products for cleaning and alterations
♦ Waste Stream Management
♦ Indoor environmental quality
♦ Reducing the environmental impact of a building throughout its functional life cycle


LEED-EB Project Checklist

♦ Sustainable Sites
      Credit 6.2 - Heat Island Reduction: Roof (1 pt)
♦ Energy & Atmosphere
      Credit 1 - Optimize Energy Performance (10 pts)
      Credit 3.2 – Building Operations and Maintenance ( 1 pt)
♦ Materials & Resources
      Credit 1 – Construction, Demolition and Renovation Waste Management (2 pts)
      Credit 2 – Optimize Use of Alternative Materials (5 pts)
♦ Indoor Environmental Quality
      Prereq 3 – Asbestos Removal or Encapsulation (Required)
      Credit 3 – Construction IAQ Management Plan (1 pt)


Incentives for obtaining LEED Certification include a tax credit in some U.S. states and reduced overall energy consumption.

For more information on the LEED Green Buildings Rating System and how you can apply for LEED Certification for your building visit






Your Last Coat is a  Green, Water-Based, Non-Toxic, Zero VOC Coating. It is Sustainable, Tough, Abuse, Rust, Mildew, Fire & Chemical-Resistant. It Forms a 20 Year Renewable, Water/Weather Proofing Membrane to Protect Buildings & Restore Roofing. It is Approved for Managing Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint & Solid PCB’s.






PrepLESS Primer - a super compliant architectural green coating primer-sealer-neutralizer that acts as a stabilizer for building surfaces that can be only marginally cleaned and where tenacious adhesion is needed.






MPE™ is a dilute-able, water thin, non toxic, easily applied, water-based penetrating encapsulant used for pre and post removal. It is used in minimizing exposure during disaster clean up, hazardous material removal and helping control all dust and debris.






R.I.P.  is an environmentally sound, water-based Rust Inhibiting Primer to be used over ferrous metal surfaces. Employing the latest breakthroughs in water-based acrylic technology, it can even be applied over properly prepared rusted surfaces, with excellent resistance to flash rusting.





PremeClean Industrial Cleaner is a highly effective, water-soluble, and versatile cleaner concentrate.





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